About Us

Who We Are:

4CRB is a community radio station and is also a not for profit, charitable organisation. What does that mean?

There are basically two types of radio station in Australia, commercial and community. Commercial operates to be popular and make a profit. A community radio station on the other hand is to service a segment of community interest that isn’t being represented. In 4CRB’s case we engage with the community and provide content and programming that is of interest to people 50 years of age and over. A good comparison is that commercial radio is a business or company and community radio is more like a club or association.

What We Are:

4CRB is a community radio station broadcasting to the Gold Coast of Australia on a frequency of 89.3 FM. We also stream our broadcast over the internet extending our reach world wide. We broadcast a mix of music, interviews and talk back. The music is easy listening hits and memories from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and our interviews and talk back are designed to be of interest and educational. Our news room is dedicated to local-ism and on bringing you news and items of interest about the Gold Coast community.


While we need money to operate, any money we make is reinvested back into the radio station in the form of upgrading or replacing equipment or providing better content and programming to the community. We generate our income from selling promotional announcements within the broadcast, merchandise, charitable donations, bequests and our Fundraising Event (telethon).


4CRB at its last licence renewal, had over 200 volunteers that assist the station with its broadcasting and general operations. It also has a small number of paid employees. This mix provides an amazing culture and dynamic and fun environment.


4CRB commenced operations in 1984, was one of the first radio stations in Australia to hold a community licence and was the first community broadcaster on the Gold Coast. From humble beginnings, we have grown to a station that engages with 82,000 listeners on average per week (McNair Ingenuity) on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW, south Brisbane and Ipswich and 55,000 listeners on average per month via streaming services.