Donate/Support Us

4CRB is a charitable not for profit Community Radio Station. This means we rely on the support of the community to provide the programs and services we broadcast.

If you are not comfortable donating online please feel free to contact the station between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you appreciate the services and comfort Radio 4CRB-FM provides and wish to see it continue, please consider donating to 4CRB.​ This will help to ensure the continuance of this valuable community service for the benefit of future generations.

As you can imagine, the cost of sustaining this radio station and the vast range of activities is substantial. We can only continue to broadcast daily and provide this unique service with the support of you – our valuable supporters and donors.

​​​The licence to operate 4CRB is held by the the Gold Coast Christian and Community Broadcasting Association Ltd (4CRB), a community based not-for-profit organisation. The station has grown significantly since first going to air in March 1984 and is now operated by over 200 volunteers and a small number of staff.

Radio 4CRB broadcasts easy listening music over the Gold Coast Region and streams across the world via the Community Radio Plus App.


Why does Radio 4CRB-FM need my donation?
4CRB-FM receives no direct government financial support for the operation of the station. A major part of the income required to operate the station comes from the music lovers who appreciate the service we provide all day, every day. The community radio license requires 4CRB to demonstrate that it has an active connection with the community it serves – one measure the ACMA uses is how many listeners financially support their radio station. Without the support of fundraising, donations and bequests, the station would eventually cease to exist.

Why have you taken away prizes and the CD’s? After careful consideration 4CRB has decided to amend the formally known ‘Radiothon’ into ‘Fundraising Event’. Many of you spoke and we listened. The minimum donation amount was restricting to those who couldn’t afford it, however, still would’ve liked to financially contribute and support their station. Similar with CD’s and prizes, after conferring with many of you we found that you were more than willing to support to your station without the prizes and CD’s. You also raised significant points. CD players in cars are becoming less common and with the increasing cost of royalties and production it was becoming an expensive exercise for something which wouldn’t be frequently used when the gift comes out of your radio 24/7 anyhow.

Can’t I just listen for free?
Yes you can, however, 4CRB is a community radio station which means it’s yours, as well as everybody else in your community. You all play a vital role in seeing the future of 4CRB continue for years to come. Don’t leave it to the rest and rely on others to financially support and sustain your station. Supporting your station means you secure what you love about the broadcast, not only for you but those in the community around you who also rely on the comfort, hope, happiness as well as entertainment, education and information it brings each day.