Social Club

Happy senior friends dancing on the beach

4CRB’s social club is in full swing.

February Events – Meet and Greets

  • Hound & Stag Brewery on Sunday 12th March 2023 from 2pm to 5pm QLD Time (Good location, entertainment, tasty food and caring company. Relax & unwind after a busy week, sample some boutique brews and tasty food dishes)
  • Advancetown Hotel on Monday 25th March 2023 from 12 Noon to 2pm QLD Time (An opportunity to visit the Hinze Dam and enjoy the luncheon. Seniors may take advantage of discount meals which includes tea or coffee but not refreshments.)

Why not join our ever-growing family of friends and listeners and enjoy some fun times and camaraderie? It may just prove the highlight of your day

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