Donation – Fundraising Event

25th February to 4th March COMPLETED.

Thank you to all the listeners who financially supported your radio station 4CRB throughout the fundraising event. Whilst we didn’t reach our target, every dollar is a blessing.

Your donation no matter how big or small is important in a number of ways – not only assisting with financial viability of 4CRB but also justifying to the licensing body just how necessary and much you love and value your station. The numerous stories, letters, emails, cards, text messages and smiling faces whom walked through the door – put into words just how important 4CRB is to you. The positivity, enthusiasm is infectious, and it is the fuel which gives us the ability to go the extra mile to provide the gift of broadcast day in and day out.

4CRB would like to thank not only you the listener but our staff, contractors and volunteers whom worked tirelessly behind the scenes throughout the entire event, a wonderful effort and the atmosphere speaks volumes. 💗

If you haven’t donated yet it is never too late!

If you would like to donate please press on the box below 😊

4CRB is a listener-funded community station,
and your support is vital to keeping 4CRB on the air
sharing the gift you hear day in day out.
Thank you for giving generously today!