4CRB is a charitable not for profit Community Radio Station. This means we rely on the support of the community to provide the programs and services we do.

If you would like your donation recognised please contact the station between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and ask for the management team.

If you appreciate the service Radio 4CRB-FM provides and wish to see it continue, please consider donating to 4CRB.​ This will help to ensure the continuance of this valuable community service for the benefit of future generations.

As you can imagine, the cost of sustaining this radio station and its wide range of activities is substantial and we can only continue to provide this unique service with our valuable supporters and donors.

​​​The licence to operate 4CRB is held by the the Gold Coast Christian and Community Broadcasting Association Ltd (4CRB), a community based not-for-profit organisation. The station has grown significantly since first going to air in March 1984 and is now operated by over 200 volunteers and a small number of staff.

Radio 4CRB broadcasts easy listening music, terrestrially over the Gold Coast Region and streams across the world via the world wide web.


Why does Radio 4CRB-FM need my donation?
4CRB-FM receives no direct government financial support for the operation of the station. A major part of the income required to operate the station comes from the music lovers who appreciate the service we provide all day, every day. Without the support of Radiothon, donations and bequests, the station would eventually cease to exist.

You have a Radiothon, businesses advertise on the station, why do you need my donation?
Sponsorship (advertising), the Radiothon, donations and bequests make up the income streams that ensure 4CRB can continue into the future. A good 20% of our funding comes to us via donation, in discussion with some, the reason is they wish not to be recognised officially, or they just don’t want to provide their contact details for whatever reason. Whatever your reason, your donation is welcome and used wisely to ensure the stations continuity.

What is the difference between becoming a Supporter at Radiothon and a donation?
A supporter officially supports the station, they are recognised with a supporters card, a CD containing a selection from our playlist and has input into the stations decisions on programming and content. Donations can be anonymous and therefore an option for those who don’t want to be recognised.