Classical Music Hour

classic retro violin music string instrumt with old music note sheet paper on old oak wood wooden background. classical musical romantic valentines day concept.

Thursday evenings from 8-9pm. Join Captain Rob for an hour of great classical music with education and commentary.

My journey in Classical Music began in the 1960s, so with 60 years of knowledge, I said to my previous radio station; “let me develop an audience”. I named the programme Classical Connections, to show listeners, Classical / Pop Crossover Connections, [e.g.] ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’; but really; – Chopins Fantaisie Impromptu or ‘Bette Midler’s The Rose’ – in reality; Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No 1 – 2nd Movement. An audience developed and the programme was very popular indeed. I now make 4CRB my new home and invite you to join me on each Thursday evening for a flight of fancy in classical music.

Captain Robert Cowley.