Announcer – Kate Rigby

Kate Rigby pic

What year did you start at 4CRB?
December 2016

What is the best thing about your job?
Having an input into listeners’ radio enjoyment

Who do you most admire?
Queen Elizabeth ll.

What is your hidden talent?
Very handy DIY girl. Love using “boy’s toys”.

What is your most treasured possession?
My beautiful moodle dog, Cassie

What is your favourite hobby or interest?
I love playing golf, stand-up paddle boarding and reading

What is your favourite food and drink?
I am a vegan so love all fruits and vegetables. Curries are my favourite savoury dish, and I especially enjoy dried figs.
Love both red and white wines.

Do you have any nicknames? (& how did you get them?)
My late sister always called me “Mon Trer” (don’t know why) but our family had weird names for each other. These days I often get called “Riggerz”.

Finish this sentence. I love 4CRB because…
.. it makes me feel part of a family and plays my favourite music genres. Love the variety, and the “talk back” programs are always enlightening.