Announcer – Bruce Rogers

Hello, I am Bruce Rogers and I have been at 4CRB for around 20 years now

Why do I like it?

It provides a special service for our listeners keeping them informed about daily events locally and world-wide.

It is a good feeling when we meet some of our listeners like you; Some people are very lonely and don’t have family and live alone – 4CRB is their family and gives them hope for a future and also keeps them informed of events worldwide and local.

In my twenty odd years I have met some really good folks like you.

4CRB also makes me happy because I love the music and the people here.  Everyone is always thinking of others and making them feel wanted.  The main reason people are lonely and cannot continue to live like that is that everyone needs somebody in their life, even as an acquaintance or friend. Everyone needs to be wanted and needed, it’s what humanity is all about. Caring for each other and ourselves.

4CRB is a friend to everyone and we are here to reach out to you and everyone you know.

It’s a ministry created to bring folks together and it certainly does that. And also to remind us that we are all part of God’s plan.

Thank you for being part of our family.