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Technical Difficulties
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Electrical Interference to FM Broadcast Radio Almost   all   reception   difficulties   are   caused   by   faults   or   deficiencies   in   the   radio   or   antenna   installation.   This can be checked by following the procedure below:
you use a digital tuner that displays the frequency of 89.3 FM. The older type tuners are sometimes too difficult to tune in because of the close proximity of stations on the FM band. Keep your radio away from TV's, microwaves, fridges, motors and machinery. Remember that FM is line of sight and if there are mountains between you and our transmitter on Tamborine, you may experience problems. Internet Streaming 4CRB has recently changed it's online streaming link. Listen to 4CRB live here. If you wish to listen to us on your internet radio, visit 'tunein' at the link below, or enter this link on your device:     http://stream.4crb.com:8000/stream/1/ Listening on Your Smart Phone or Tablet If you wish to listen to us on your iPhone, Blackberry, palm-held or Android device, visit the 'TuneIn' link below. To download and install the 'TuneIn' application for your phone, click here. If you are currently experiencing problems with your Tune-In Application, tunein have just updated their software. Try reinstalling the application and updating your operating system to the latest version. Failing that, try the ‘Lounge’ application instead. You can also listen to 4CRB online via this website.
Substitute   another   radio   for   the   affected   one.   If   the second   radio   is   not   affected,   the   problem   is   most likely   in   the   first   radio.   If   it   is   affected   check   your antenna. For   the   best   possible   reception   your   antenna   should be     mounted     outside     and     look     similar     to     a     TV antenna.   Sometimes   the   TV   antenna   is   used   for   both the   TV   and   FM   radio.   If   this   is   the   case,   remove   the   TV connection,   leaving   only   the   direct   cable   between   the antenna and radio. Check   that   your   antenna   is   suitable   for   FM   radio   (a technician will be able to advise you about this). Three   Element   FM   aerial   -   This   aerial   pulls   in   signals from    local    transmitters    and    ones    further    a    field.
Example:   if   you   have   got   noisy   or   hissing   radio   stations   that   keep   going   into   mono   this   aerial   will   bring   the best   stereo   reception.   It   is   also   directional   and   can   be   aimed   at   a   certain   transmitter   but   will   still   give   you the local transmitters as well. If   you   are   having   trouble   with   reception   -   i.e.   other   stations   ghosting   over   4CRB,   or   fading   in   and   out   -   it could be your aerial. or your radio. Also, make sure, if you are in a fringe area, that