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Talk Back Programs
The Law and You The Law And You is a talkback program on 4CRB each Tuesday from 9.30-10am. A local solicitor answers questions from listeners relating to legal matters.
Finance Forum Finance Forum is a talkback program on 4CRB each Thursday from 9.30-10am. The Finance Forum panel answers listeners questions on financial matters including investments, taxation and Centrelink. 
Ask the Doctor Ask The Doctor is a talkback program on 4CRB each Friday from 11.30am-noon. Each week a local doctor is in our studio to answer listeners’ questions on all matters medical.
4CRB    presents    half    hour    talkback    programs    most    mornings during    the    week.    These    programs    give    you    the    chance    to become   part   of   our   broadcast   by   calling   and   asking   questions   of the experts. Talkback    programs    include    both    the    Gold    Coast    and    Tweed Mayors,    local    politicians,    doctors,    lawyers,    financial    planners and Centrelink. Click   on   the   ‘Play’   button   in   the   box   below   to   listen   to   some sample talkback programs. NEW  - Email your questions for any talkback program to: talkback@4crb.com
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Special Guests Listeners can ring in and talk to various special guests at 9.30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, including local councillors, politicians and veterinarians.
We the People A regular commentary by Kent Bayley. Click above to visit the website.