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Our Audience: No 1 on the Gold Coast for all homeowners 45+ *Latest Roy Morgan Research June 2014 Promote your business for profit Promotions   to   reach   new   customers:      Your   market   changes   constantly...newcomers   to   your   area   mean   new customers   to   reach   with   messages   about   your   products   and   services.      As   lifestyles   and   buying   habits change,   people   who   may   previously   have   not   been   in   the   market   for   your   product,   may   now   be   prime customer prospects.
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Promotions to keep a positive business image In   a   competitive   market,   rumours   and   bad   news   travels fast.      Promotions   corrects   misleading   rumours,   treats bad   news   constructively   and   reassures   your   customers that   you   are   ready   for   their   business.      Promotions   that are   positive,   vigorous   and   exciting   brings   buyers   into the     marketplace,     regardless     of     the     state     of     the economy.
Why radio? Radio    is    accessible    to    virtually    every    consumer    -    all households   have   at   least   one   radio,   the   majority   have three or more.  99% of cars have a radio.
Radio   allows   you   to   achieve   the   message   frequency   necessary   to   stand   out   from   the competition.      Listeners   tend   to   be   very   loyal   to   their   radio   station   and   listen   for   long   periods, providing   opportunities   for   message   repetition.      Frequency   of   exposure   builds   awareness, which    becomes    familiarity.        This    familiarity    builds    trust,    which    then    turns    to    purchase intention. Radio   mixes   well   with   other   promotions   mediums,   overcoming   their   shortfalls   and   enhancing your overall campaign.
Remember:   Radio   can   arouse interest,   create   awareness,   sell concepts            and            deliver prospective     customers,     only YOU can convert the sale!