4CRB 89.3FM Easy Listening Music. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
About Us
4CRB   89.3FM   is   a   community   radio   station   registered   as   Gold   Coast Christian    &    Community    Broadcasting    Association    Limited.    As    a community station 4CRB has a Special Purpose of License to upkeep. The Special Purpose of the License of 4CRB The Special Purpose of the license will be category C Type Public Broadcasting and in particular: To provide an alternative broadcasting service. A broadcasting service which compliments and supplements existing radio services in this area. To broadcast music such as fine orchestral, classical, opera, jazz, gospel or sacred music, songs and compositions of ethnic origin, country music, children's, plus music known as middle of the road. To comply with the Minister's Statement to the House of Representatives on 5th April 1978 when speaking about the operations of the proposed community stations. 4CRB   is   restricted   in   the   manner   in   which   funds   can   be   raised   and relies   on   community   support   in   the   form   of   donations   and   business sponsorship. 4CRB's     members     and     supporters     number     over     4,000.          They participate    each    year    in    a    week-long    Radiothon    appeal    featuring competitions, request programs, etc. Sponsorship with 4CRB is limited to airtime of five minutes per hour. For    further    information    regarding    sales,    rate    cards,    statistics,    etc. phone our office on 07 5520 8888 or email mail@4crb.com . Volunteers   form   the   backbone   of   4CRB,   from   the   Board   of   Directors to   the   people   that   perform   the   many   varied   tasks   that   enable   4CRB   to broadcast    successfully.    The    small    group    of    permanent    staff    are backed   up   by   volunteer   announcers,   Program   Committee   members, a   production   team,   an   accounting   &   administration   group   and   many others that volunteer time to perform tasks too varied to categorise.
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