Friday Face-Off

Tune in this Friday for our special lunch-time program Friday Face-Off.

This week we put The Monkees up against The Beach Boys for one hour from 12-1pm and YOU will decide who the winner is. 

Tune in on Friday at 12 and then vote for your favourite.


Carole King V Helen Reddy. The outcome of the voting was a draw!


Johnny Cash V John Denver. The winner was Johnny Cash with 53% of the vote.


John Farnham v Rod Stewart. The winner was John Farnham with 60% of the vote.


The Mamas & Papas v The Carpenters. The winner was The Carpenters with 77% of the vote.


Johnny Ashcroft v Johnny O’Keefe. The winner was Johnny O’Keefe with 56% of the vote.


Ricky Nelson V Buddy Holly. The winner was Buddy Holly with 68% of the vote.


Susan Boyle V Suzanne Clachair. The winner was Suzanne Clachair with 59% of the vote.


Andre Rieu v Herb Alpert. The outcome of the voting was a draw.


Dion v Roy Orbison. The winner was Roy Orbison with 77% of the vote.


Daniel O’Donnell v Jim Reeves. The winner was Jim Reeves with 68% of the vote.