Radiothon Update – CD’s are in the post!

Radiothon - The Steve's answering the phones

Radiothon 2018 was a fantastic success! We would like to thank the community and all those who supported us with their $55 and upward donations. Each year we stand in front of you and ask “Do you value what we are doing, and if you do, please vote via a $55 dollar donation”. This year as always the community responded.

So, during the 10 days of Radiothon we rely heavily on our volunteers. They man the phones, process your payments, update the database, cook and clean for the staff and volunteers, and we all have a fantastic time together, for a common cause.

The volunteers, were fantastic as always. We love and thank each and everyone of them as their contribution was invaluable.

Radiothon – The Steve’s answering the phones

The CD’s, Loyalty cards, and supporting documentation have gone out on Friday the 13th July. This year we have included:

  • 4CRB Radiothon CD entitled “4CRB On Air No. 20”, is filled with music from our playlist and are top tracks requested by you during the year. We trust you will enjoy the compilation.
  • a quick survey that we would love you to complete. This will help us to better serve you with our rewards program as well as help support those sponsors (advertisers) that support 4CRB. In the mail out we have provided for those who don’t use the internet, but would appreciate if it was filled out online as it saves our fantastic volunteers from having to enter it for you. It can be found by clicking here.
  • a merchandise order form
  • We are excited to include and introduce our 4CRB Family Rewards Card, along with a list of 4CRB sponsors that will provide you exclusive deals and discounts. This gives you, our valued listener, the ability to support those sponsors (advertisers) that support your station.

Keep Checking your mailbox!