Interviews and Talkback have Moved!

Talkback and interviews have moved! With Alan Jones coming on board daily, the board has asked management to look at the amount of talk on the station and ensure that we have balanced it properly. In the past we have always had something at 9:30am to 10am and 10:30am to 11am these time slots have now moved to 9am to 9:30am and 10am to 10:30am. This provides a music buffer between each segment and then Alan starting at 11am. So, your old favourites such as “Finance Forum” is now 9am to 9:30am, The “Law and You” 9am to 9:30am.

The board are committed to the community and their wants and needs, and you, through surveys, Radiothon and our afternoon teas, have told us that music is the most important component of the broadcast, informative talk comes in second. You have told us we have the balance right, and we are committed to giving the majority of the community in the demographic we serve, what they want.